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Standard Poodles!

Standard poodles are the most versatile dog in the world. They range in size typically between 40 - 65 lbs, and come in all solid colors including black, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, red, white, brown or café-au-lait. You will see different variations in these tones. They are good with children if socialized with them and are not inclined to bite, but they do make good alert dogs. In other words, "They give you time to get your gun.” - LOL



Standard poodles are good with agility, obedience and retrieving. They don’t shed, and a healthy poodle has no odor. People with allergies have a high tolerance for the poodle, making them well known as the ideal breed for people with allergies.


For Sale

Responsibly bred Standard Poodle puppies, bred from genetically tested, AKC conformation champions. Visit our litter page to see available puppies.

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Food. Love.


High energy combined with lots of smarts lends itself to excellent companionship when properly trained. It’s imperative that Poodles receive lots of love, attention, and mental stimulation.

How to Train?

Not only can a young puppy learn, they are learning every day whether you’re training them or not.  Start early, using treats as a lure.

How to Care?

Companionship, quality puppy food, socialization.

How to treat?

A healthy puppy needs a nutritionally complete puppy food, fresh water, companionship, love and regular vet checkups to stay on top of things

How to feed?

We recommend Purina pro plan puppy

How to walk?

Use your puppy’s following instincts with a leash on.  Do not pull or drag your puppy.

How to equip?

A light leash and narrow collar


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